The "Bug Out Bag"

Posted by Capable Citizen on 8/17/2018

The "Bug Out Bag"

Given recent natural events across the south, and now the Caribbean, all of us have had opportunity to consider just how real the need for preparedness is. 

Most people have regarded the concept of the Bug Out Bag, or Get Home Bag as an item for "preppers" to worry about, where its intended purpose was escaping from hordes of zombies, or invading armies like something out of "Red Dawn".

The reality is that regardless of what we call it, having a bag to take with us during an emergency is not a paranoid step to take.  Wide spread power loss, flooding, and spontaneous riots have been images we've all seen on the evening news in the past several weeks.  A bag to take with us while we evacuate to safety is just a sensible thing to have.

If you had just 30 minutes to gather everything you might need from home for the next several days, could you do it?  How many times have we gone away overnight and forgotten the chargers for our phones, which we use daily?  Now in a stressful situation do we really expect to remember things we almost never use in our daily lives?

With that in mind, we've set out to offer a quality starting point for anyone in need of an emergency evacuation bag.  Every item in our kit has been selected to provide maximum versatility, reputable quality, and a reasonable cost.  As the seasons change or we take the bag into different regions, more or less clothing/water/shelter/food/etc will be needed for success.  What we are here to do is get you started with tested components that you can grow with, providing long lasting utility.

Here is a run down on some of the components we've carefully selected (and their retails prices) which is now available to order, here:

5.11 Rush 72 backpack - this 3-day bag from 5.11 has been in use with our staff for years for this purpose and offers the ability to carry either a high volume of equipment, or a modest volume as well.  With plenty of organization within the pack items can be kept separate and easy to find.  External pockets on the side provide quick access to water bottles and common use long items like a fixed blade knife, and the mesh divider between the body and outer compartment of the pack makes a great placed to stuff in a poncho, tarp, or other bulky item for quick access. ($179.99)

SnugPak Jungle Blanket - this durable water repellent treated synthetic fill blanket takes the utility of the common poncho liner and puts it on steroids.  The Jungle Blanket is warmer and more weather resistant than any standard poncho liner we've see, and can be used inside of a sleeping bag in colder weather conditions.  As stand alone item this is great for keeping warm on anything from a couch, to a broken down vehicle, to a damp night under a shelter in the woods. ($39.99)

Poncho - While not the most fashionable piece of outerwear in 2017, the poncho can be worn over both your pack and your body, used as an overhead shelter, rolled up inside of for warmth, or it can be used as a ground cloth under an tarp shelter.  It can be laid out to gather natural materials on, or even used to collect falling rain water or condensation.  Few items are as multi-purpose as a poncho. (cordage and ground stakes also included) ($29.99)

Light My Fire Knife - This fixed blade knife manufactured by the legendary Mora knife company adds a fire steel to the base of their knife.  The spine is sharpened to throw a spark well, and the knife is incredibly sharp from the box.  Due to the Scandinavian grind on the knife, sharpening it in the field is straight forward as well, even to those without much time spent practicing.  This knife is small enough to do most detailed tasks around camp, but can also be used to process modest sized fire wood pieces as well. ($29.99)

SOG Powerplay multi-tool - The Powerplay gives us an Awl, Blade (Fully Serrated), Blade (Straight Edge), Bolt Grip Channel, Bottle Opener, Can Opener, File (3-Sided), Flat Screwdriver (Large), Flat Screwdriver (Medium), Flat Screwdriver (Small),  Hex Bit Driver (1/4") with bit kit, Jewelry Driver, Needle Nose Pliers, Phillips Screwdriver, Ruler, Wire Crimper, Wire Cutter,  Wood Saw, and nylon sheath all in one compact package. ($69.95)

Maglite Solitaire LED - With a 47 lumen output, an adjustable focusing head, made in the USA quality, and weighing in at less that 1oz, this micro light takes up minimal space in your pack but really delivers on features. ($15.49)

Pathfinder Canteen Cook Set - this one kit nests together in a compact form, giving you the ability to gather, boil, and consume water and food for a modest size and price.  The nesting stove sets up underneath of the included cup/lid and allows you to use anything from an alcohol stove, to fuel cubes, to a small fire from natural materials to heat water and cook.  The stainless bottle itself can be boiled in with the top removed, as well.($49.95)

Esbit Pocket Stove - This simple, lightweight stove comes with fuel cubes that can be a real life saver if natural materials are too wet to make a fire with.  These same fuel cubes can be used underneath of the Pathfinder cook set as well. ($9.95)

Vargo Titanium Long Handled Spoon - This spoon is long enough to get to the bottom of most freeze dried meal pouches while weighing less than an ounce in the pack.  Being metal, you can also use it to remove the hot lid off of your cook set. ($14.95)

Paracord - 100' of 550lb rated paracord for dozens of uses from gear repair to shelter setups. ($5.99)

Water Purification Tablets - these tablets can be dropped into water and will kill parasites in the water without the need to boil.  For resupplying water from questionable sources on the move, these are simply a must. ($9.99)

Capable Citizen Fire Kit - We have pieced together a supplemental fire building kit to work with the items already included.  This includes a Bic lighter, strike anywhere matches, fat wood pieces, trick/ relighting birthday candles, and a Sport sized Live Fire fire starter. ($19.99)

Pathfinder Notebook - this small waterproof notepad has 44 blank pages plus printed information on bow drill fires, water filtration, knots, tarp configurations, shelters, animal tracks, shadow board navigation, and 10 C's check list. ($9.99)

Personal Hygiene Items - Hand sanitizer ($2), Wet Wipes ($2), camp soap ($5), and scrub pad ($1).

Other Items - First Aid Kit ($16), bandanna ($1), 55gal drum liner ($1), gorilla tape ($3), compass ($10), tent stakes ($12), zip ties ($1), coffee filters ($1), pencil and sharpener ($3)


As you can see, these items on their own add up to more than what we are offering our kits for, even before all of the shipping from dozens of different places you might otherwise order these items from.

As always, contact us with any questions you may have.


Stay safe!