Welcome to our online store

Posted by on 8/24/2018 to News
Welcome to our new online store!

Wilderness Survival

Posted by Capable Citizen on 8/17/2018

All of us approach wilderness survival from a different perspective. We all have different needs, different experience levels, and depending on where we live and when we venture outdoors, we'll all experience different potential challenges to our survival.

Just reading a blog post on the internet isn't going to make you a survival wizard, but we can hopefully help point you in the right direction to enhance your survival capability.

The "Bug Out Bag"

Posted by Capable Citizen on 8/17/2018

Most people have regarded the concept of the Bug Out Bag, or Get Home Bag as an item for "preppers" to worry about, where its intended purpose was escaping from hordes of zombies, or invading armies like something out of "Red Dawn".

The reality is that regardless of what we call it, having a bag to take with us during an emergency is not a paranoid step to take.  Wide spread power loss, flooding, and spontaneous riots have been images we've all seen on the evening news...