About Us

Capable Citizen

Capable Citizen LLC. is a collaboration between a number of us in the law enforcement and tactical training communities who decided to start making their ideas a reality.  Drawing upon years of experience in tactical and competitive shooting, outdoor survival training, law enforcement, medical training, and product development, Capable Citizen was founded to help bring new products to market for those who think like us.

We strongly believe in people being prepared for, and capable of handling adverse situations.  Whether it's starting a camp fire, changing a flat tire, safely and effectively handling firearms, or providing first aid to someone in need, the guiding principle that we share here is one of self reliance. 

While a mindset and willingness to persevere can not be bought, the equipment and tools to help aid in that journey certainly can.  We only offer products we ourselves trust, or have trusted, for use in these situations where failure isn't an option.  

Join us in being a fellow Capable Citizen!

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