URF-B, Upper Receiver, Billet, Forward Controls Design

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Part Number:FCD-URF-B

Manufacturer: Forward Controls Design

URF is based on CMT's URPR-1 7075 billet upper receiver.  Type 3 hard coated in black.

1. Relief cuts on the section before rails start for better accessibility of a flip up BUIS's sight stalk / flip up element.

2. Relief on the top of forward assist housing.  The relief cut is specifically designed for ambi charging handle users. When the user uses his right fingers to pinch and grasp the CH's right latch, the relief allows the index finger to reach down further, so the CH's right latch is positioned in the middle of his finger pad, not the tip of it,  for a more secure purchase, especially if the user has gloves on. When we use our left fingers to grab the charging handle's left latch, there is nothing below the latch, but on an upper with forward assist, its housing stands in the way. The relief simply provides what room that can be spared on the FA housing so more of the user's finger can have a positive purchase.

The FA housing relief is a simple broad stroke. 

2020 production URF v2 has done away with the over pressure gas relief port.   It has retained the relief that clears the LMT MARS-L lower receiver's right side bolt catch, and thus compatible with MARS-L.

EPC shown below:

    * 5 axis machined from 7075 T6 billet
    * M4 feed ramps
    * Engraved “T” numbers
    * Over pressure gas relief vent for suppressed use
    * 1913 picatinny Rail flat top
    * Mil Spec Type III class II hard coat anodized Black
    * Shell deflector
    * Forward Assist machined into receiver (on standard URF v2 only, URF-S v2 has no provisions for a forward assist)
    * Dust cover port machined into receiver
    * Increased wall thickness for added rigidity
    * Compatible with Mil spec parts
    * Compatible with most aftermarket handguard/rail systems
    * Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects
    * Anti-rotation hole above gas tube hole
    * Compatible with "Tactical Link" Enhanced Battery Assist Lever
    * Compatible with LMT MARS-L lower receiver
    * Comes stripped without dust cover & forward assist assembly
    * Weight: 8.9oz (URF v2), 8.56oz (URF-S v2)

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