Simple Sling

Simple Sling

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Finally released is our official sling, the Simple Sling by Snake Eater Tactical.

The Simple Sling is made with a number of improvements over on our earlier exclusive sling. 
  • The adjustment buckle now sits closer to the U-Loop than ever before.  This keeps the adjustment buckle in a more consistent position since it movement arc has been shortened.
  • The release pull is now almost twice as long (specific to our version), and is wrapped to eliminate snagging, while also making it easier to grab while wearing gloves.
  • The tail is a full 10" longer than our first sling, accommodating larger users and/or bulky armored vests.

What we've kept is the absolutely minimal weight (2.3oz), the most versatile attachment mechanism (the sewn in U-Loop) which almost never requires additional hardware to mount, 100% USA made quality, and a rapid & easy to adjust mechanism that is super easy to find and use.

This new version of the Simple Sling incorporates the few requests we've had from .mil and LE personnel over the past few years, while keeping the functionality that has made it such a hit for our fans.

Installation instructions found HERE.