Sheriff of Baghdad U-Loop "B" Sling

Sheriff of Baghdad U-Loop "B" Sling

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The U-Loop version  of the B Sling (a Capable Citizen exclusive) came about as our response to the current trend in rifle handguards.

With 1913 Picatinny rails getting replaced with cleaner, lighter, slimmer handguards featuring newer interfaces like M-LOK and KeyMod, sling attachments have been slow to keep up.  Instead of adding mounts to these cleaner, lighter weight handguards, we decided to use the Blue Force Gear U-Loop to allow you to directly and securely mount your sling anywhere on the rail you like. 

This mounting method eliminates the cost, weight, and bulk of dedicated sling mount attachments commonly necessary for most slings.  The U-Loop is also compatible with almost any sling mounting location for most rifles on the market.

By integrating the U-Loop into the SOB "B" sling, you have a 2 point quick-adjust sling that's as fast into action as any sling available.  By locating the adjustment mechanism at the front of the sling in a fixed position, the release mechanism never ends up behind the user's field of view and is always in a consistent location.  Gone are the days of looking or feeling around for a release in order to get your sling loose enough to shoot with... it's always up front on the gun where your support hand needs to go anyway, for predictable access and economy of motion.

The SOB U Loop B Sling from Capable Citizen is:

  • Lightweight - 2.4oz including all mounting hardware.
  • Compact - Stores neatly when not in use.
  • Rapidly adjustable - Forward mounted adjustment location is always accessible.
  • Versatile - Mounts to almost any weapon from AR's to AK to HK and FN made rifles.
  • Requires no additional hardware - The U Loop requires no QD cups or dedicated mounts to attach to.
  • Fast to deploy - "Quick-2-Shoot" release mechanism is up front a few inches from the handguard.

 Total weight with Combat Band: 2.4oz