Below is a list of services we offer on the components and upper receiver groups we provide.  Our staff has been formally trained by both Sons of Liberty Gun Works (in attendance of their Armorers Class several times now) as well as by School of the American Rifle (having completed their Master Builder course).  Our professional experience with the AR platform is now approaching 15 years.

Barrel/ Bolt head space checks - we inspect every upper receiver we work on, but if you'd like to purchase a bolt carrier group and a barrel from us, this service is available as well on any .223 Wylde/ 5.56mm or .300BLK caliber barrel/ BCG combination purchased.  While this service is performed, we also pin gauge the gas port size of your barrel, and record the size so you'll have record of it should that information help guide you in selecting appropriate buffer springs and weights.

Feed Ramp Polishing - barrels themselves, or fully assembled uppers, can have their feedramps polished at the time of purchase.  We follow the SOTAR methods for this process where micro bevels are added along the top edges of the ramps, and the ramps themselves are progressively brought up to a near mirror finish.

Gas Block Pinning - we offer pinned gas blocks on all upper receivers we build.  If you'd like to purchase a barrel and gas block from us, we can perform this service on those components as well.  We use a 3/32" diameter steel coil pin, imparting less stress on the barrel than taper pins, and displacing less material than the more common 1/8" diameter pins more commonly used.  We use this diameter as the shear strength on the stainless coil pins we use already far exceeds any force that could reasonably imparted on the gas block, and it preserves more of the barrels material.

Suppressor Adapter Alignment Inspection - we inspect every suppressor capable muzzle device installed (currently only offered on Dead Air KeyMo style mounts).  We install all suppressor capable muzzle devices with Precision Armament Accu-Washer shims, and they they are either pinned and welded, or torqued with Rocksett applied.  After alignment is confirmed with an suppressor alignment rod, complete uppers are then test fired as well.

Pinned and welded muzzle devices - where appropriate we can pin and weld muzzle devices on barrels in the 13.7" - 14.5" lengths, bringing them out of the pistol/ NFA regulated lengths.  This is offered on complete upper receiver builds only at this time.