SOLGW "Capable" Bolt Carrier Group

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The "Capable BCG" from SOLGW is an exclusive variation on Sons of Liberty Gun Work's fantastic BCG.  No expense is spared here in terms of reliability and quality.  These carriers are covered by the SOLGW lifetime warranty, full auto test fired, HPT/MPI'ed and guarantied to impress.

Our Capable BCG starts as a SOLGW Phosphate Bolt Carrier Group, with just a few enhancements.

1) The cam pin is laser engraved with our reduced size Capable Citizen logo - this provides an quick visual reference so that the cam pin can be reinstalled in a consistent orientation after any disassembly for cleaning.  Greater minds than us have dug into the science behind the interaction of these parts, but maintaining the alignment of the cam pin and not reversing it 180 degrees back and forth, leads to less "wobble" being developed as the parts wear in, potentially extending the service life of the parts.  As of 2022 we've offset the logo to the side as well, making it easier to identify the orientation even if it's a little dirty and you can't see the detailed logo as well.

2) OCKS (Optimized Carrier Key Screws - made by the famous Ned Christiansen), are used to secure the carrier gas key.  The OCKS have a sidewall on the screws more like a "mud tire" on a truck than the traditional serrations found on other fasteners.  By decreasing the quantity of serrations and increasing their depth, the metal displaced while staking the sides of the gas key forms an even stronger mechanical bond with the screws than is possible with traditional profile screws.  While a properly torqued and staked gas key isn't likely to ever fail you, this is our "belt and suspenders", above and beyond level of durability we've chosen for the Capable BCG.

3) The SOLGW Rebellious Stripes have been laser engraved at a higher output level for a brilliant color logo on the carrier.  Visually there's no mistaking that this is a one of a kind BCG from an industry leader in BCG's.

SPECS are as follows:
  • Precision machined from Carpenter Technology No. 158 alloy,
  • Heat treated per mil-spec,
  • Shot peened per ASTM B851/SAE AMS2430S,
  • Vibratory tumbled
  • Individual high pressure/proof (HP)
  • Full Auto test fired as an assembly
  • Individual magnetic particle inspection ASTM E1444/E1444M (MP)
  • Markings deep laser engraved (SP=Shot Peened, HP=High Pressure Tested, MP=Magnetic Particle Inspection.)


  • Precision machined from 4340 tool steel alloy per SAE AMS6415T/AMS6484D (vs 4140),
  • Heat treated
  • Shot peen per ASTM B851/SAE AMS2430S.

Extractor Retaining Pin: 

  • Precision machined and ground S7 Tool Steel
  • Heat treated per ASTM A681-08
  • Shot peened per mil-spec print
  • Manganese phosphate

Extractor Spring:

  • Tactical Springs/Sprinco 5 coil, ASTM Grade A401 Chrome Silicon wire stock
  • Heat treated
  • Stress relieved, Molybdenum-Disulfide infused
  • Cryogenic processed (all post winding)
  • Mil-spec black insert/synthetic elastomer extractor buffer (nitrile-butadiene, shore hardness 80+/-5 durometer per MIL-PRF-6855)


  • S7 Tool Steel
  • Heat treated per ASTM A681-08
  • Shot peened per Mil-Spec
  • Manganese phosphate

Ejector Spring: 

  • Heat treated
  • Mil Spec

Gas Rings: 

  • Standard stainless steel per Mil-Spec X3


  • Machined from AISI 8620 aircraft qualty alloy per ASTM A108/A322-13
  • Full auto profile
  • Heat treated
  • Carburized/strain relieved, hard chrome bore
  • Precision ground gas key interface
  • Sons of Liberty Battle Flag logo -EXTRA deep laser engraved
  • Manganese phosphate

Gas Key:

  • Secured with OCKS (Optimized Carrier Key Screws) - optimizes mechanical bond with staked gas key walls.
  • Machined from 4130 chromoly steel alloy per ASTM A108/A322-13
  • Heat treated, hard chrome internal
  • Manganese phosphate
  • Permatex sealed

Cam Pin: 

  • Laser marked for consistent orientation/ extended service life.
  • Precision machined 4340 chromoly steel alloy per SAE AMS6415T/AMS6484D
  • Heat treated/processed per mil-spec
  • Manganese phosphate
  • Solid film lubricant applied and cured per mil-spec

Firing Pin:

  • Precision machined 8640 steel alloy
  • Heat treated/processed per mil-spec
  • Hard chrome plate

Firing Pin Retaining Pin: 

  • Precision machined from 1038 carbon steel
  • Heat treated/processed per mil-spec
  • Manganese phosphate
5 Stars
SOLGW quality BCG with the added OCKS & CC flair. I don’t think I care to own any other BCG than this one. Lightening fast shipping as well!
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Reviewed by:  from Iowa. on 2/17/2022
5 Stars
Excellent Product
Great product and fast shipping. This is my second bcg from them. First one has been flawless and I expect nothing different from this one. If you never had a SOLGW products they are worth the investment.
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 3/2/2022
5 Stars
Great product
High quality BCG like you expect from SOLGW. The added OCKS and engraved cam pin is a solid addition.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Baton Rouge. on 3/2/2022
5 Stars
Great BCG
Great BCG, Premium features. Nothing negative to say.
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Reviewed by:  from Jacksonville . on 3/1/2022
5 Stars
Five stars!
Excellent BCG. In my opinion, one of the best. This was my first time buying from Capable Citizen. Very impressed with their service. I received a shipping confirmation from them in less than an hour of placing my order. They gained a customer in me. Thank you CC!
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by:  from KY. on 2/25/2022

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