Rocksett, 1/3oz Bottle

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When it comes to installing a suppressor adapter or gas block set screws, Rocksett is the product to use.

This high heat threadlocker is one of the few products capable of withstanding the high temperatures generated under a suppressor or at the gas block.  

This approx. 1/3oz bottle will be enough to mount dozens of suppressor adapters and gas block set screws.  We packaged it inside a clear bottle, with a convenient eye-dropper style applicator, so you can see if/when it starts to turn cloudy and expire.  

Manufactured by Flexbar.

  • Make sure to clean and degrease all surfaces before applying.
  • Allow to cure for 24 hours after installation before first use.
  • Store in a cool location.
  • Expect a roughly 1 year shelf life.

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