QD Sling Mount, M-LOK

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Something many folks never think about is the materials used in parts.  Many manufacturers of inexpensive sling mount make their products from aluminum.  The issue with this is that QD swivels are steel, and with enough applied force, the aluminum will deform and allow the QD to pop loose.  This is true in aluminum handguards with integrated QD sockets, as well as machined aluminum accessory sockets from any manufacturer.

The Arson Machine M-LOK sling mount is machined from 100% USA sourced 1018 Steel and Black Nitride finished for a nice, hard, corrosion resistant finish.  The use of 1018 steel eliminates a common weak link in the chain of sling attachments.  With steel on steel contact, the potential weak link/failure point now becomes the sling itself with its plastic buckles and sewn components (assuming a proper installation of the included M-LOK hardware).

As with all Arson Machine M-LOK light mounts, this M-LOK QD Sling Mount uses genuine M-LOK T-nuts straight from Magpul. (wrench not included)

If this sling mount looks familiar to you, it's likely because it's also offered in 4140 steel as the Forward Controls Design MSQ-H, available for sale HERE as well.


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