Pocket Survival Kit

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Our purpose built pocket survival kit was designed to be your constant companion outdoors. Each component was individually selected to balance capability, weight, and size.  While kits like these are no replacement for full size equipment, these components can make a huge difference in a survival situation.

Contents include:

  • Fire Steel rod - 1/4" x 3" long, Gorilla Tape handle
  • Mini LED light on split ring
  • Micro compass - can clip over a nylon watch strap
  • Folding saw - excellent striker for the fire steel
  • Folding razor knife
  • Bank Line cordage - 6' of tarred bank line (rated at 200lbs)
  • Mini Bic lighter - covered in rubber for added grip with cold hands (will also serve as tinder if required - mixed colors)
  • Gorilla Tape - wrapped on Fire Steel rod (1"x12")
  • Tinder (2) - cotton tab (burns for 2-3 minutes)
  • Rigger bands (2) - keeps tin closed, will burn hot for a few minutes
  • P38 can opener
  • Safety pins (3)
  • Metal tin - approx. 3.75" x 2.25" x .75"

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