Pocket Survival Kit 2.0

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Our Pocket Survival Kit 2.0 is the most capable tin sized kit we could devise.  This kit takes our popular PSK and upgrades a number of components.

The signature differences are that the 2.0 Kit holds a locking Gerber Ultralight LST knife in place of the folding razor blade. Our keychain sized mini LED light has been replaced with the Maglite Solitaire LED (47 lumen) flashlight, and 20' of Kevlar cordage has replaced the previous 6' of tarred bank line.

In addition to these upgrades, the following items have been added.

SOLAS tape strip - this 2"x3" sized "Safety Of Life At Sea" tape is sized to be adhered to the outside of the tin for night time signaling use.  We are letting you choose where to mount it in case you need a lower visibility signature. This can be applied to the inside lid of the tin as well though.  The adhesive is marine grade, so don't worry about wear and tear on this being on the outside of the tin.  This is the highest visibility reflective tape available.
Aluminum whistle - this keychain sized whistle saves your voice and can travel a longer distance as well.
Fat wood tinder - this natural wood is packed full of hot burning resin, and is one of the best natural materials for fire starting.  Shave off some fine pieces to catch thrown sparks, or feather stick a section of it to hold a flame from the lighter.
Magnifying glass - this Fresnel lens is thin and light, adding minimal bulk to the kit but giving you yet another way to start a fire, during daylight hours of course.
Total Kit Contents:
  • 20' Kevlar Cord - 200 lb rating
  • Fire steel (1/8" x 3") with Gorilla Tape handle (1" by 12" piece)
  • Derma Safe survival saw - excellent fire steel striker
  • Gerber Ultralight LST locking knife (1.96" blade, 420HC Steel, 0.6oz weight)
  • Fat wood tinder - approx .25" x 2.5" piece
  • (2) Tinder Quik treated cotton tinder tabs
  • Wristband Compass
  • Maglite Solitaire LED flashlight (Color: Gray; 47 lumens, 1 hr 45 min run time)
  • SOLAS reflective tape (2" x 3")
  • Fresnel Lens (approx 2" x 3")
  • Aluminum Survival Whistle (assorted colors)
  • Mini Bic lighter - covered in rubber for added grip with cold hands (will also serve as tinder if required - mixed colors)
  • Tinder Quik tabs (2) - treated cotton rolls (burns for 2-3 minutes)
  • Rigger bands (2) - keeps tin closed, will burn hot for a few minutes
  • P38 can opener
  • Safety pins (3)
  • Metal Survival Tin - approx. 3.75" x 2.25" x .75"

Total weight 5.0 oz

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