Optics Platform ACRO/ Glock (OPFG-ACRO

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OPF-G, ACRO is identical to the Tangodown AAM-01.  Based on the success of the OPF-G, RMR, FCD had been asked to develop a Glock MOS compatible plate for the superb Aimpoint ACRO.  FCD saw and tested what their friends at Tangodown has already made, and determined AAM-01 is exactly how they would have done it and there was nothing that could have done better, there is therefore no reason to create another one just like it under their name.  FCD doesn't like rebranding, but has make exceptions when the products in question are outstanding, and they share the same values as the companies that make them.  FCD has known Tangodown and its folks for a long time, and carried Tangodown products, and is proud to be able to put their logo on the AAM-01 and make it OPF-G, ACRO.

OPF-G, ACRO is machined in 4140 steel and Melonite coated.  For a short time, OPF-G, ACRO will have both the FCD Cygnus logo, and Tangodown's logo in tandem.

Proudly designed and made in the USA.

NOTE: this version is incompatible with G40 (10mm) that uses Glock MOS Adapter Set 02.

Vibra-tite VC-3 is included with OPF-G, RMR.  Instructions can be found here: https://www.vibra-tite.com/wp-content/uploads/213_tds.pdf
Vibra-tite also provides a video on the application of VC-3: https://www.vibra-tite.com/portfolio-items/vc-3-threadmate-overview-video/

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