IWB Pistol Mag Pouch by Snake Eater Tactical

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Our IWB mag pouch is thin, light weight and moves with your body.  From compact all the way to an extended magazine, this pouch will give you all day comfort, even in the appendix position.  Replaceable Onewrap belt loops for PALS/MOLLE compatibility.

SET uses the absolute minimum of materials to make a low profile and comfortable IWB pouch.  Heavy duty 5? elastic offers great retention for a variety of magazine styles and still offers smooth and fast assess to your mags.  This pouch has been field tested with compact single stack mags as well as full size Glock magazines with extended base pads.

Full size mags will use the full length of the pouch.  Shorter mags only go in as far as you need them in the full size pouch.  We now offer a "SHORT" version, for magazines like the Glock 42/43, S&W Shield, Sig P365 and other common compact pistols.  It is a full 1" shorter in length than the full size.

This pouch is the most comfortable way of carrying a spare mag in the appendix position.  Unlike Kydex "sidecar" rigs, this pouch will move with your body as you sit, squat, or bend over

The pouch can also be worn outside the waistband, or on the cummerbund of a plate carrier for carrying items like multi-tools, flashlights, or compact tourniquets.

Weight: .6 oz (17 grams)

Black only, 100% USA made.

For MOLLE/ PALS mounting - Add a MALICE Clip here: MALICE Clips - "Fight Light"

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