Gas Block Set Screws

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Part Number:CC-GBSS-PAIR
Whether you need to remove your gas block and re-install it, or your gas block came without knurled tip set screws and you could use an upgrade, we've got you covered.  The tips on all of these screws deform as they engage the barrel steel, so they should NOT be re-used... that's why we're offering a convenient set of replacements so after any rail/ barrel swap, you can properly re-secure your gas block.

10-32 x 3/16", knurled grip cup point, black oxide treated set screws. 3/32" hex drive. Pair of 2 set screws.

Installation Tips:
  • Make sure to properly degrease the screws and the gas block before installation.
  • Use an appropriate thread locker for your needs (we use Rocksett, Loctite 272 is another option).
  • Using a well fitting 3/32" bit, torque set screws to 20-25 inch pounds, and allow thread locker to cure before first use.

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