72 Hour Kit

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Our 72 Hour Bag is designed to be the best quality 72 hour, or bug out bag, you can find.  Every component was individually selected to give maximum utility and dependability through a wide range of uses.  We recommend using this as a starting point to then add your own clothing, food supplies, additional tools or comfort items, and colder weather sleeping kit.

These contents fit nicely in most 2,500+ cubic inch sized packs like the 5.11 Rush72 among several others.

Here's a list of the contents included in the Capable Citizen 72 Hour Kit:

  1. Poncho - use for rainwear and overhead shelter, Black
  2. Vargo Aluminum Stakes
  3. 100' of Black Paracord
  4. 55gal drum liner - great to line your pack with
  5. SnugPak Jungle Blanket - synthetic, DWR treated, compression sack included, OD Green
  6. Mylar survival blanket
  7. Pathfinder Canteen Cookset - Canteen, canteen cup, stove, cup lid, and OD Green MOLLE carrying pouch all included
  8. Vargo Titanium Spoon - Long handled and light weight to reach the bottom of any dehydrated food pouches
  9. Esbit Stove - Folding lightweight stove with 6 fuel cubes
  10. Camp Soap
  11. Dish Scouring Pad
  12. Water Purification Tablets (20)
  13. 100oz water bladder
  14. Light My Fire Knife - fixed blade stainless knife with fire steel integrated into handle
  15. SOG Powerplay Multi-tool - includes Awl, Blade (Fully Serrated), Blade (Straight Edge), Bolt Grip Channel, Bottle Opener, Can Opener, File (3-Sided), Flat Screwdriver (Large), Flat Screwdriver (Medium), Flat Screwdriver (Small),  Hex Bit Driver (1/4") with bit kit, Jewelry Driver, Needle Nose Pliers, Phillips Screwdriver, Ruler, Wire Crimper, Wire Cutter,  Wood Saw, nylon sheath
  16. Folding Compass with Mirror
  17. Pathfinder Notebook - Rite in the Rain with printed survival instructors included
  18. Maglite Solitaire LED - 47 lumen flashlight, 1 AAA battery (included), Black
  19. First Aid Kit
  20. Antibacterial Wet Wipes (20 Count)
  21. 2oz Hand Sanitizer
  22. Cotton Bandanna
  23. Gorilla Tape - 1" roll
  24. Trick/ Relighting Birthday Candles - relighting candles to aid in fire starting (3) assorted colors
  25. Live Fire Sport - self contained multiple use fire starter
  26. USO Strike Anywhere Matches - box of 32
  27. Mini Bic Lighter - assorted colors
  28. Fat Wood - 3 pieces of resin soaked wood for fire starting
  29. Zip Ties - (4) 8" long zip ties
  30. Coffee Filters - (3) useful for filtering larger debris from water
  31. #2 Pencil with Eraser
  32. Magnesium Pencil Sharpener - 2 slot, useful for making tinder as well


Due to the assortment of items included, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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