6315KM Muzzle Device, KeyMo, Forward Controls Design

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6315KM is the Dead Air sound suppressor Keymo mount of the 6315 (1/2x28) flash suppressor, compatible with .223 Dead Air sound suppressors with KeyMo interface.

Threaded for 1/2x28, precision machined from solid 4140 steel bar stock, heat treated and QPQ coated, it is probably the finest A2 style comp/flash suppressor ever produced.  Its 3 and 9 o'clock ports are 25% smaller (shorter and narrower) than the other three upward facing ports so more gas is vented through the upward facing ports, it is a superior compensator to the A2, its flash suppression is equal to that of an A2.  6315KM is compatible with Dead Air 5.56mm sound suppressors.  Note that since 6315KM does have flash suppression capability equal to that of an A2, it is to be treated as a flash suppressor for states that feel threatened by them, such as CA, MA and NY.

Since there is now more room in front of the 3 and 9 o'clock ports, FCD incorporated wire cutter alignment notches ahead of these ports.  The wire cutter notches will probably draw some flak and endless ribbing about having to cut wires at the range while punching holes on paper, but we always design combat features into our products, they're there, you don't have to use them :)

6315KM is a light and short blended performance muzzle device.  It provides 15 to 20% better muzzle rise compensation than the A2, and what is impressive is that it does so without sacrificing its flash suppression capabilities, or creating more noise and concussion.

The number 63 in its name pays homage to the Stoner 63 light machine gun, the shape of its ports draws heavily from the Stoner 63 LMG's flash suppressor design. 6315KM is a part of Forward Controls' x15 muzzle device series.  KM denotes its Keymo Dead Air sound suppressor capability.

Proudly designed and made in USA.

* Machined in 4140, heat treated and QPQ coated.
* Length: 2.38"
* Weight: 3.97oz
* Drilled for pinning



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