13.7" East India Upper Receiver Group

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Optional Pinned and Welded Muzzle Device
The East India Upper Receiver Group from Sons of Liberty Gunworks take the guesswork out of building an upper.  Each barrel nut is properly treated and torqued, each gas block aligned with set screws torqued and thread-locker applied, and each upper test fired for function.  These East India uppers each include a SOGLW upper receiver, a forward assist and ejection port cover installed, a SOLGW Combat Grade Barrel, a V2 SOLGW Gas Block, a SOLGW gas tube, and a USGI barrel nut properly timed and installed.

These uppers are ready for a rail to be added which attaches to a USGI rail, and a muzzle device of your choosing added.

  • Gas Block Pinning included free with all upgrades. (Please comment on your order if you would or would not prefer this.  We will contact you to confirm if this information is missing.)

  • Replace the USGI barrel nut and properly install a handguard (barrel nut treated with Aeroshell 64 and properly torque, gas block re-installed with fresh set screws - torqued to 20in/lbs with Rocksett threadlocker applied), handguard installed with threadlocker (loctite 242) on the cross bolts. (MAKE SELECTION AND ADD TO CART FROM THESE IN STOCK CHOICES)

  • A NOX muzzle device of your choosing, pinned and welded to bring the barrel over 16" (alignment confirmed, then test fired with a suppressor attached).

The base East India Upper Receiver Group offered is built by SOLGW and test fired by them.  All additional services selected are performed by a certified SOLGW Armorer and a Build Sheet is supplied, documenting each component used, and each check/test passed.

Additional Services may add up to a 3 week delay in delivery as the work is performed and final test firing is conducted.
All orders including a BCG and Charging handle include a complementary RCS Top Stop, which secures the BCG inside the upper receiver during shipment and any future transport.

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